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“Our faith is not only centered on a book but on a history of salvation and above all on a Person, Jesus Christ, the Word of God made Flesh”
The annual Youth 2000 Summer Festival is taking place from Thursday 13th- Sunday the 16th of August 20
The 2016 International Eucharistic Congress takes place in Cebu in the Philippines next January.
A new website has gone live, dedicated to the 50th anniversary celebrations for Galway Cathedral.

Relics of St. Anthony to visit Galway Cathedral

The Relics of Saint Anthony of Padua are being brought to Galway on Tuesday 22nd October, to mark the 750th Anniversary of their discovery by Saint Bonaventure. The Relics, which are usually kept at the Basilica in Padua, will be accompanied by the editor of the Messenger of Saint Anthony, Father Mario Conte, together with Greyfriars from Britain and Ireland. Though he died as long ago as 1231, St Anthony’s popularity has rarely waned over the centuries. He is widely revered as the Saint who helps people find lost things or people.

Their arrival in Dublin on 17 October at the parish of the Franciscan Conventual friars in Fairview in Dublin, will see the papal nuncio, Archbishop Charles Brown and the Archbishop Diarmuid Martin of Dublin lead a ceremony of welcome and Mass. 

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