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Covid-19: Galway City Community Response

Covid-19 :: Galway City Community Support Helpline

The helpline is focused on ensuring that vulnerable members of the community or those cocooning can access deliveries of groceries, medicine and fuels during the current public health emergency. The Helpline can arrange assistance through a variety of agencies for at-risk members of the public in accessing non-emergency and non-medical supports and advice.

Helpline number: 1800 400 150

The service is available 7 days a week from 8.00am to 8.00pm.

Please see attached for your information and circulation if appropriate,  the Galway City Community Support Helpline poster, in both Irish and English.
We would be very grateful of any support you can give it.

This link is the press release from the Department of the Taoiseach following a national launch of this initiative.