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Maryvale Certificate in Catechesis

The Diocesan Pastoral Centre hosts the Maryvale Certificate in Catechesis programme, from Maryvale Institute, Birmingham.
For more information on the programme, see the Maryvale website at

Maryvale Certificate in Catechesis

This is a two-year, distance-learning course leading to the Certificate in Catechesis. Its aims include:

  • The formation of a solid foundation in the Catholic faith, including knowledge of scripture, doctrine, liturgy, prayer and catechesis;
  • Personal growth in faith and spiritual life;
  • Development of methods for communicating and sharing the faith effectively;
  • Development of confidence in reading and sharing Church teaching in scripture, the Catechism, and magisterial documents.

It is intended for anyone seeking to learn more about their faith, as well as those looking for formation to equip them to work with children and adults in parishes, schools and families. The programme consists of six modules over two years with a study day at the beginning of each module and a retreat day at the end of each year.

The programme started in Galway Diocese on 7 October 2017 with 16 participants, representing five parishes. The participants will graduate in December 2019.

Modules include:

Year 1

  • Introduction to Catechesis
  • Foundations of faith
  • Jesus the Christ
  • Introduction to Church History
  • The Church
  • Ways of Praying

Year 2

  • The Old Testament
  • The New Testament
  • Liturgy and Sacraments
  • Life in Christ - Catholic Moral Teaching
  • Mary in the Mystery of Christ and the Church