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The Pastoral Centre offers the following bereavement support programmes and services:


A peer-support programme 
to assist children, adolescents and 
adults who are grieving a death, 
separation or other painful transition
 in their family. The programme provides a safe environment for participants, n a group setting according to age
. It is a free service.

The programme is presented as a series of weekly themes - the themes remain the same at each level but are developed in a way appropriate to the age of the participants at that level. The themes are :

  •        One of a Kind - Self
  •        Inside Out- Feelings
  •        My Family?
  •        Making the Pieces fit
  •        Blow up and Let Downs - Anger & Hurt
  •        Facing Fears and Worries
  •        We Are Family
  •        Where Do I Fit In in my Family Now?
  •        Different Kinds of Families
  •        Endings and Beginnings
  •        Weathering The Storms - Coping Tools
  •        Reaching Out

There are thirty Rainbow sites in the Galway city and county area;

A new Rainbows programme will begin in The Diocesan Pastoral Centre, Newtownsmith in the Autumn.  

Please contact the Pastoral Centre on 091-565066 or 091-565080 for further information or to book a place


Beginning Experience

The loss of a partner, through death or separation, can be a devastating blow for any husband, wife or partner. Apart from the normal trauma of coping with their loss and grief, many people in this situation feel unwanted and unloved, uneasy with married friends and generaqlly unsure of themselves. They will probably experience a range of emotions and feelings - like denial, in which they find it hard to accept the terrible reality of what has happened.

There will also be times of anger, depression, and even and unwillingless to want to live. To find oneself on one's own, making decisions, looking after family, and trying to adjust to the new situation can be extremely difficult. But now there is hope through a programme specially designed to help people who have lost a partner and find themselves on their own again.

The Beginning Experience (B.E.) helps separated and widowed men and women to make a new beginning in life by helping them deal with the grief process and to come to terms with what has happened. Gradually they discover for themselves that 'just existing' can be transformed radically into 'new living'. Although the programme has been developed by, and is for, Catholics, it is open to people of any faith or none. The common bond is one of pain and sorrow.For further information:

Contact Mary 087-2613541 or 091-550140) or Anne 087-7854990 or 091-523014 after 6pm).