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A new brochure on child protection, intended for children and parents, and created by John Paul II Awards students. Click here to download it (PDF, 2...
To access the list of Confirmation Dates for 2019 please click on the following link: CONFIRMATION_2019.pdf
Bishop Brendan Kelly preached the following sermons in Galway Cathedral on (i) Friday 17 August 2018 at the funeral of Fr James Max Mitchell and (ii...
The Diocesan Pastoral Centre is hosting a programme, Maryvale Certificate in Catechesis, from Maryvale Institute, Birmingham,  which will...

Your Faith

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The Galway Diocesan Pastoral Centre seeks to build up the Kingdom of God by helping each individual disciple to flourish in his or her own living relationship with Jesus Christ. The shared experience of the Church in witness, service, sacraments and liturgy expresses the ecclesial dimension of our relationship with Christ. However, to build upon this communal experience of faith, more and more people are articulating their hunger for a personal experience of God through developing their own prayer life.

Guided prayer

A week of guided prayer consists of an introductory evening, a daily commitment to a time of personal prayer & meeting with your prayer guide. It is for anyone who is interested in deepening their faith or exploring their spiritual life. Read more.

Lectio Divina

Lectio Divina means ‘sacred reading’, and is a prayerful listening to the words of sacred scripture with the ears of our heart and soul. This kind of sacred reading is less about us reading scripture as it is about allowing our lives to be 'read' by the power of God’s word. Read more.