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Lectio Divina

Filed under: Spirituality

Lectio Divina means ‘sacred reading’. It is not bible study.

This kind of reading has very little in common with the kind of reading we do when we read a book or a newspaper, and it is not just that we are reading holy scriptures that makes it different.

Lectio Divina is a prayerful listening to the words of sacred scripture with the ears of our heart and soul. It is a very ancient method of prayer. This kind of sacred reading is less about us reading scripture as it is about allowing our lives to be 'read' by the power of God’s word.

God’s word is drenched with the Holy Spirit and seeks to break through into our hearts so that God’s Kingdom may break through more and more into our lives and into the world around us.

There are three moments in praying Lectio Divina; reading, meditation and prayer.

When Lectio Divina is experienced in a small group of other disciples, and the prayer and fruits of prayer are shared, the scriptures can spring to life in a whole new way. Discipleship and fellowship are strengthed, faith is deepened and prayer becomes more real and life-giving. By developing a habit of reading our lives by the light of God's word Lectio Divina can become a way of life.

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