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Fifteenth Sunday - Year B

Sunday, 15 July, 2018
Mark 6: 7-13

The Word of God this Sunday, the Fifteenth Sunday of Ordinary Time, reminds our hearts and souls that we are all called to be prophets, apostles, and evangelists.

A prophet is someone who bravely broadcasts God’s word into hearts and communities so that God’s children may have life.

In the first reading’s story of the prophet Amos we hear how God chooses ordinary people - people such as shepherds, horticulturists, farmers, pharmacists, doctors, students, civil servants, and politicians - all kinds of people - to be close to him in prayer and in integrity so that he can use them as credible megaphones for his message of life and light. 

In the Gospel of Mark, the sending out of the apostles to preach the good news is a foundational blueprint of every Christian’s calling.  The word ‘apostle’ means someone who is sent out, and the word ‘evangelist’ means someone who is a bearer of joyful news.  Clearly, all of us who believe in the new and eternal life that is on offer to us in Jesus are therefore also called to be apostles and evangelists.  We are to joyfully witness to him in word and in the example of our lives, and we are to be at peace and unfazed even if our witnessing meets with hostility, resentment or apathy.

The majestic sweep of the second reading, from the letter of Saint Paul to the Ephesians, is the Holy Spirit reminding you and I, through the pen and prayer of Saint Paul, of how mind-blowingly good is the good news!  Our original destiny with God which we were created to enjoy, though lost by sin, has now been re-offered to us through faith in Jesus. 

To really accept this in our hearts, and to revel in it in our daily prayer, is what will transform us into joyfully attractive bearers of the Gospel.

- Fr Conor Cunningham