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Diocesan coat of arms

Diocese of GalwayKilmacduagh & Kilfenora

Deoise na GaillimheChill Mac Duach & Chill Fhionnúrach

Retired Diocesan Clergy

Very Rev. Patrick Dean Callanan
Ordained: Galway Cathedral, 1966
Parochial House, Kilbeacanty, Co. Galway
Very Rev. Patrick Dean Considine
Ordained: Maynooth, 1961
Very Rev. Michael Crosby, PE
Ordained: Galway Cathedral, 1966
Very Rev. Joseph Canon Delaney
Ordained: Wexford, 1968
Very Rev. Eamonn Canon Dermody, PE
Ordained: Maynooth, 1962
Rt Rev. Msgr Malachy Hallinan, PE
Ordained: Galway Cathedral, 1966
Very Rev. Barry Hogg
Ordained: Collooney, 1979
Most Rev. Brendan Kelly, Bishop Emeritus
Mount St Mary's, Taylor's Hill, Galway
Very Rev. Francis Canon Larkin, AP
Ordained: Galway Cathedral, 1966
Very Rev. Michael Canon Mulkerrins, PE
Ordained: Galway Cathedral, 1968
Very Rev. Christopher Dean O'Connor, PE
Ordained: Maynooth, 1959
Very Rev. John Canon O'Dwyer, PE
Ordained: Maynooth, 1963
Rt Rev. Msgr Seán O'Flaherty, PE
Ordained: Maynooth, 1960