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Diocesan coat of arms

Diocese of GalwayKilmacduagh & Kilfenora

Deoise na GaillimheChill Mac Duach & Chill Fhionnúrach

Policies & Forms

Parish Safeguarding Checklist/Guide


Safeguarding Children Policy & Standards for the Catholic Church in Ireland (2016)
Safeguarding Children: Parish Handbook (updated 2019)
Vulnerable Persons Safeguarding Policy (2019)
Communications Policy
Flyer for Parents & Children
Code of Behaviour for Adults Working with Children & Young People
Child Safeguarding & Digital Media: Guidance, Advice & Practice

Consent Forms

Media Consent form for Adults
Media Consent form for Children/Young People

Clergy Visiting the Diocese

Requirements for visiting clergy and persons in any form of consecrated life wishing to be involved in pastoral ministry in the Diocese: please see our Visiting Clergy Protocols.

For members of Religious Orders moving to the diocese, please see these Religious Orders Clergy Protocols

Pope John Paul II Awards

Application & Consent Form
Safeguarding Agreement Form
Parish & Social Activities Log

Forms (also available in the Safeguarding Children Parish Handbook)

Form SG-01: Application form for work in church-related activities
Form SG-02: Declaration of workers in church-related activities
Form SG-03: Safeguarding agreement form
Form SG-04: Child & parental/guardian joint consent form
Form SG-05: Accidents/incidents form
Form SG-06: Hazard assessment form
Form SG-07: External groups using church property form
Form SG-08: General complaints form
Form SG-09: Child protection referral form


12-Month Review
Safeguarding Review Undertaken by the National Board (2013)